Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Stories

OK, so Krystal divulged to me that on our Google Group, even though I hid the members, our email still showed. SO, the google group is hereby deleted, and we will post all stories on our Quizilla. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

After falling off the face of the Earth...

I'm back!!! So, not much is happening...I've survived my first week of school. Yay!

OK, so we have a new member of Whimsical Writers--Krystal Katt. She's totally spazzy, hyper, weird, and awesome!!! Her stories are the Fruits Basket Fan Fic, All Just A Dream (which I'm in) and--once we get working on it, Journey to the Past, the seuqel to the aforementioned.

I was very excited to find that there were two other bloggers who put their state as Oz, and their country as Azerbaijan. No one else put The Funny Farm! as their city, though. :'( *tear tear* BUT THAT MAKES US UNIQUE!

Anyway...I've succeeded in wasting time. Woohoo! OK, that's all I'm gonna say for now. Tootles!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our stories are up!!!!

Hola! Serena here!!!! Well, today was my first day of school--I only got lost once! *happy dance* and even then I wasn't HORRIBLY lost...just turned around. I still need to find my locker...

Well, I figured out how to get the stories up!!! So, to view them, go to:
And MINE is up one else's is...I have one of my friends' (the one that has yet to join Whimsical Writers and tell me her penname) stories, but I don't know if she wants me to put it up.

So, anyway, that's that!!! I hope you enjoy!
P.S. Oh, and with mine, I can't figure out how to delete a file once I upload it, so don't read Chapter 3: Running Away. Read Chapter 3: Tearful Good-byes.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Quote from Libba Bray

I just finished reading "A Great and Terrible Beauty," and at the end there was a conversation with Libba Bray, the author. And she wrote this quote, which I find very interesting:
"My advice to aspiring writers is pretty straightforward: (1) Read everything. Read what interests and moves you. Read what challenges you. Read foro pleasure. Read for craft. Read instead of watching reality TV. Just read. It just might change your life. I know it has mine. (2) Live your life. Writing's all about that, anyway. And no one's living your life, seeing things the way you see them, but you. You are unique, and thi sis a beautiful, beautiful thing, grasshopper. (3) You can write about anything you want, just don't lie. (4) Have fun, for heaven's sake! It's not brain surgery. You won't kill anyone if you choose the wrong words. You can just fix 'em later. writing is power. You are in control of it. You are able to say whatever you need to say, long to say, must say. And that is an amazing feeling."
I just thought I'd share that with everyone, especially the other Whimsical Writers. Anyway...I'm off to figure out more of this site. Later!!!


Hi! This is Serena, of whimsical writers. We're a group of friends who enjoy writing stories. We used to have a page on Quizilla ( but my mom made a blog here and told me I could too--so now we have a new and improved page!!!! So, hopefully (if I can figure it out) we can each have our own page...but if not, we'll all have our stories up, no matter what!!!
So, enjoy!!!
Serena Summers